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Jalapeno Hot Sauce (Ideal for beginners)

by The Chilli Guru on Mar 14, 2022

Jalapeno Hot Sauce (Ideal for beginners) - One Stop Chilli Shop


Jalapeno - 1kg
Water - 280 ml
Cider Vinegar - 330 ml
Salt - 80g
Cucumber - 80g
Demerara Sugar - 80g
Fresh Garlic - 120g

Optional: Cumin (Powder) - 20g


  1. De-stalk, and wash your jalapeños and carrot. Chop roughly with a knife or food processor.
  2. Add the water & vinegar and blend till smooth (or your preferred texture).
  3. Add all other ingredients and integrate fully.
  4. Heat to above 85 degrees C (Instant reading - we recommend using a Thermapen)
  5. Sterilise your jars (See our article on hot sauce creation)
  6. Pack whilst hot - above 80 degrees C and cap also.