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Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl

by Marli Cooks on Mar 02, 2024

Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken Rice Bowl - One Stop Chilli Shop

A delicious Jamaican style jerk chicken rice bowl recipe from Marli Cooks made using Jerk Marinade from Chilli Mash Co - Follow Marli on instagram here

1 chicken breast
Jerk Marinade (From Chilli Mash Co.)
Spring onions
Your favourite rice

Step 1: Dice your chicken breast in to bite size pieces.

Step 2: Add your chicken to a bowl along with garlic,paprika,salt,pepper and
Chilli Mash Co. Jerk Marinade.

Step 3: Stir the ingredients together until all the chicken is fully coated.(If possible leave to marinate overnight this will enhance the flavours)

Step 4:Put oil in your pan and add the marinated chicken cook on a medium heat.

Step 5: Prep your salad and rice and place in your bowl.

Step 6: One your chicken is chargrilled add this to your rice bowl.

Step 7: Top with sesame seeds and spring onion.

Step 8: Enjoy the flavours