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The History and Key Ingredients of Buffalo Wings Sauce

by The Chilli Guru on May 01, 2023

The History and Key Ingredients of Buffalo Wings Sauce - One Stop Chilli Shop

Buffalo wings sauce, or buffalo hot sauce, is a spicy and tangy sauce traditionally used to coat chicken wings. This sauce has become a staple in American cuisine, with many variations and adaptations available today.

With the invention of vegan wings and at the request of many clients, we've been perfecting a vegan-friendly version of traditional buffalo using the latest plant-based alternatives to butter. 

This post will explore the history of buffalo sauce, its key ingredients, and why its inventors traditionally used butter to prepare buffalo wings. 

The History of Buffalo Wings Sauce

The origins of buffalo wings sauce can be traced back to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964. Teressa Bellissimo, the bar owner, created the dressing by mixing the hot sauce with butter and serving it over fried chicken wings. The sauce soon became a hit, gaining widespread popularity, especially in the Northeastern United States.

Over time, variations of the classic buffalo sauce have emerged, with different ingredients and spice levels. Some prefer a milder version with less heat, while others opt for a spicier sauce that packs a punch.

Key Ingredients of Buffalo Sauce

The traditional and earliest buffalo sauce recipes used simple ingredients: cayenne chilli, salt, butter, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce (try our vegan VWorcs) and garlic. Fermented cayenne chilli is the primary ingredient, providing the sauce's signature heat and tanginess. Butter is used to balance out the spiciness and add a creamy, smooth texture to the sauce. Vinegar and Worcestershire sauce are added for depth of flavour, while garlic adds a savoury note.

Many variations of buffalo sauce have been invented over the years using ingredients such as honey, brown sugar, or cayenne pepper to tweak the flavour and spice levels.

Why Butter is Used in Buffalo Wings

Butter (traditional or vegan) is a crucial component in preparing buffalo wings because it helps balance the heat from the hot sauce. The fat in butter helps to coat the tongue, reducing the burn from the capsaicin found in hot peppers. Additionally, butter adds a rich, creamy texture to the sauce, making the mouthfeel more enjoyable.

Launched in 2023, we designed our vegan version of Buffalo sauce to emulate the delicious, silky mouthfeel created by the butter, using the latest plant-based alternatives. Because it doesn't contain butter, it's also ideal for lactose intolerance sufferers. 

It's so delicious you'll never need butter-based traditional buffalo sauce again.

To create the perfect wings, oven roast or deep-fry cauliflower or chicken wings until crispy, then toss in our buffalo sauce before serving. Serve with celery or carrot sticks, ranch dressing, or blue cheese dip to help cool down the heat.